Christmas Celebration - 2010.jpg


Every year one of us dresses up as Santa for Christmas.. The kids sure love the silvery fake cotton mush, red suit clad figure.. But no matter how hard we try to conceal his identity they figure out instantly. That this is going to be just a round of chocolates.. some gifts we might have mentioned that we wanted in the previous week.. And nothing more.. - Hes no Santa..!

Well materialising a real one was difficult, so we thought of a better way.. Instead of someone else dressing up Santa and making a usual surprise entry on Christmas, we dressed up all the girls as Santa.. 

They all took turns to wear the red suit, fit in cushions to create that big Santa belly.. And be Santa for a while who has access to all the chocolates for that day.. !

Was a day filled with laughter and C+hristmas cheer... :)


Click on the link below for more pictures taken on the day.